The benefits FG Dixon bring to projects include:

Competitive Price

Our pricing strategies always deliver value-for-money.

Straightforward Approach

Team members possess the necessary skills to display complex information in a straightforward manner, such that a diverse audience gains a common understanding.

 Complementary Skills

Team members have a complementary and very diverse range of skills and experience that will ensure all aspects of the concept are considered.

Experience with completing the Task

Team members bring extensive experience in the management, operation and maintenance facilities, providing our clients with the confidence that we not only satisfy the requirements of the task but that we are more than capable of the task.

Metropolitan, Rural & Regional Experience

Team members live and work in metropolitan, rural and regional Victoria and understand the issues that are important to smaller local communities as well as the larger metropolitan communities.

Consultative Approach

Team members have highly developed consultative abilities, to ensure client’s ‘ownership’ of the strategy into the future.


FG Dixon Group staff possess long-standing excellence in Project Management and Systems Engineering that ensures timely implementation of the optimised solution.

Value Adding

Our extensive ‘hands on’ operational management experience enables FG Dixon Group to develop practical solutions for clients by taking the time to understand client needs.


FG Dixon Group has developed an extensive network of consultants and contractors to ensure the right mix of skills are available to our clients at affordable prices.